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Last One. [19 Apr 2006|12:05pm]
Well it's been quite awhile since I've written in here. Oh well. A lot of shit has happened but there's no need to write cause if you're friends with me then you already know everything thats gone down. This will probably be my last entry in here but I'm just writin one last one cause Mark keeps tellin me that I don't update so here ya go Mark!
Right now I'm on Spring Break and it's been fuckin hotttt! I'm loving itt =o) lets see.. basically I've been chillen with Amanda U, Kev, my cousin Amanda, Abs, Annette, Christine, Nick, Mike, Em, Sam & Hayro. not all at once. well the last 7 was all at once but yeah. you get the ideeaaa. Its wednesday so that means my spring break is pretty much half way over. but its straight. tonight is gonna be good cause One Tree Hill & The Bedford Diaries are on and Amanda U & Kev always come over to watch that with me. and tonight Abs might be stoppin by too! and sat is my uncles bday partyy. hott. that means after party. even hotterr. aha! woorddd.
hmm perhaps I'll write alil bout my most interesting night.. which would be friday night(or early sat mornin lol) my cousin Amanda came down and we went out for dinner at Wendys lol. Rob met us there. We got our own lil private concert from these 3 wilton boys. hilarious. thenn we went to kohls parkin lot where Amanda met up with Jaime & others but I just chilled in the car with Rob listenin to music. uhh Rob left and Amanda & I met up with Annette & Andrea at Dunkin Donuts. Chilled there for awhile. Annette went home so I called up Abs and we went and picked him up. Drove around for awhile then Andrea wanted to go to this kid Justins house. Amanda, Abs & I just kinda sat there laughin randomly. pretty funny. Andrea went home and Amanda picked up her car from Andreas and me her and abs ended up at Dunkin Donuts again just chillen bein stupid til 330am. it was a lot of fun tho. def a you had to be there kinda night.

oh yeah. Sunday was Easter! I went to my grandmas for lunch/dinner. whatever you wanna call it. Verry good food tho. After foodums I just chilled with my sister, Carlo, Amanda & Nicole. interesting conversations I must say. Carlo always manages to come up with the weirdest questions. oh yeah, before we ate, the little ones had their easter egg hunt. they are just too cute. I love those kids. but anywhos. nothing too exciting went on at the grandmas house. I ended up just leaving cause I didn't feel like stayin there doin nothing. So I came home & Amanda U and Kev saved me. We basically drove around for awhile. quite funny the way Kev was talkin and such. uhhm. we picked up some fried chicken & fruit punch and went to get RJ & Jack (?) idk I guess they wanted some food lol. not sure how much they actually ate tho cause they threw some out the window & Kev def slapped me in the face with a chicken leg lmao. buutt anywhos. Amanda called me a different name each time she'd talk to me which was kinda funny. mm yup. we ended up at Ponus so the boys could skate. Amanda and I just threw around the football for abit then just watched them skate & we talked. had a hilarious "girl talk" with Kev. that kid is just too funny. We left there and just drove around aimlessly. I came home at like 12ish and prob just knocked out.

alright well I don't feel like writing about any other nights cause theyre all pretty much "you had to be there" kind of nights. yeah get over it.

2 months til my 18th bday and graduation! fuckin right doggie! I can't wait to get the fuck outta high school.
then in July I'm finally goin to the Dominican Republic after 30924802 years lol. Annette is comin with me so this summer is gonna be hott. Can't waittt.

oki well I'm tired of writing so this is it for me. sorry it was nothing too interesting or anything. oh well

comment tho if you actually read it just so I know if anyone bothers with my lj anymore. kthnx

3 Signed, Sincerely Yours

picturess [05 Nov 2005|11:52am]
Oh Dear, My First Picture Up Date!Collapse )
Sincerely Yours

baby im back! [03 Nov 2005|07:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Havent updated in madd longg. soo much going on. cant even remember what happened after I last updated so whatever.
This week has been spirit week and boy i have wayy too much school spirit this year. its just alotta fun. lets see:
Monday-Halloween! :o) dressed up as a queen. hehe. that night I went out trick or treating like a lil kid lol with Annette, Kim, Andi, Christine, Nick & Bruce. fun times.
Tuesday- PJ day. then I went to Christines FCIAC trials or whatever in greenwhich. big mistake. spent some of the time outside on the phone talkin to Greg.
Wednesday-Diversity Day where you just represent your heritage. duh. repped the D.R of course with my dr shirt, necklace and bandana. and drew the Irish, Polish, Sweedish & German flags on my hand cause I didnt get to decorate my jeans with them. After school I stayed after and helped decorate A-House. We were there til 8pm decorating that entire hall. It looked madd good. It was alotta fun too. Ordered pizza, played music and just decorated all night. it was alotta fun. Im so proud of the little bear I painted. its the cutest thing! omg. our theme was the football field so we made the floor look like the field, and the door frames were the goal posts, Leni & I made little bleachers for the little bears to put in the glass case, and we had big wooden cut out bears around the hall, madd balloons, decorated the windows omggg i loved it.
Today- half day. had first period and then had the Pep Rally. I was in it with the vball team. I thought it was alotta fun. madd school spirit haha. painted a paw print and NHS on my face and everything :oP we only had 3rd, 4th & 5th prd after. easy classes cause its just algebra (we did nothing), PAL, and English (listened to presentations). After school Annette, Amanda, Christine, Nick and I decorated Nets, Christines & Mandas car. it was soo much fun. Net and I found Meek and he drew the bear on her back window. it looks hottt. haha we were soo hyper. Hung out with Annette and Manda after. we went out for lunch and then chilled at Nets. Christine & Nick came over and we played some basketball. fun shit.

this week has just been awesome. Senior year fuckin rocks. kinda makes me sad to think this is my last year for all this..::tear:: but im glad im makin it all worthwhile. havin good times with my crazy class.
Tomorrow is the homecoming football game. will most likely be going to that.

ah. life is fucking great.

im outt.


Sincerely Yours

big FUCKING gun [22 Oct 2005|01:25am]
[ mood | happy ]

Ah. Life is good. Mmmm yupp.
this week went by mighty fast with volleyball games and coming home early.
I made my mom pick me up from school at like 12 the other day cause I wasn't feeling well. I ended up sleeping the rest of the afternoon and woke up with a huuuge headache. I had one before I slept but I just woke up with it even worse. lovely!
anywhos. Had an away game Wednesday night. fun stuff.
Hung out with my kimmers yesterday after school. always fun there. i heart her. then Andrea came over and then we just went to her house and met up with Greg and we just chilled. Walked around norwack cause were that cool. twas fun though if I do say so myself.
Today was a good day. Friday so yeah! woot. anywhos. um yeah I got 100 on my astronomy test! go me! :o) Math was madd fun. we got to work in groups so I was workin with Nick and his cousin Mark. not that we really did work. They were doing Arnold impressions and they were hilarious. 4th was mad funn too. Christine and I are crazy. It was Senior Night for volleyball and they announced me with the girls :o) it was cool. After the varsity game I left with Christine and Nick and we went to Christine and she got ready, came to my house and I got ready and we went and picked up Greg and we went to go see Doom. crazyyy movie yo! haha it was funny too. After the movie we got some Taco Bell and went to Gregs to eat it and we just chillaxed there for awhile. and that twas my night. I had fun woot.
Tomorrow.. Lake Compounce (hopefully!) cant waiitt. if we dont go though we're still gonna have fun cause we always do! woot woot. yeah im like delerious or whatever haha.
alrighty im out before i start goin on about nothing.
so yeah i shall go finish watching XMen2 cause this movie rocks. mhmmm

ps.no im not ok. hahahahaha


Sincerely Yours

um yup [16 Oct 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | weird ]

so it's been one hectic week. mmm yup.
There was no school Thursday, so Wednesday night I chilled with Christine, Nick & Annette. We had some pizza at Christines then went to the movies.
Thursday I didn't do much til around 4ish when Annette picked me up to go to her house for the volleyball pasta party. it was alright. I ended up sleeping over.
School friday of course. I actually had a very good day Friday. :o) Christine & I were madd hyper 4th prd. we were just laughing our asses off at everything lol. After school there was a volleyball game. it was the most intense game I've watched. I was even starting to get pissed at the refs lol. but anyways. I went to Christines after and chilled with her, her sister and Nick. then we went to the soccer game for awhile. After the game we decided to go to my aunts and chill in the hot tub so we picked up Nicks friend Greg and we went there. that was fun. We left there at like 11 and Nick dropped me off at Dans and I chilled with him and Mike. just drove around and met up with Abby(?) i dno. it was kinda boring but whatever. I got to see my Danny boy. aww he dedicated a song to meee it made me smile. i heart him.
anyways. Yesterday was a fairly good day. Had a meeting at Gibbs. its nice there. umms. Went to my aunts for Matts birthday. Christine and Nick came to rescue me but we ended up stayin at my aunts cause it was quite entertaining. and so that was that night.
Today was spent up at Southern with my sister, Andrea, Jess, my mom, Carlo and my brother. there was an open house so we had a lovely tour of the campus and all that fun stuff. I wanted to meet up with Christine & Nick there but that didnt get to happen. oh well. When we got home Andrea & I knocked out for awhile. rest of the night I just chilled. watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Its cute but I didnt get to finish it. oh wells.

I'm in a really weird mood again. Just alittle too much on my mind right now and it's just agrevating. sigh.. I hate that.

whatever.. im out.


Sincerely Yours

Pure Hottness.. [10 Oct 2005|07:17pm]
look at this beautious colorbar that was made for meee!!

created by: crazy_clockwork

hot.hot.hot. :oD
2 Signed, Sincerely Yours

[08 Oct 2005|01:13pm]
New layout. he's sexy.

skipped school yesterday. it was nice.
saw Waiting last night with Kim, Andrea & Bruce. it was hilarious.

i'm bored. today is a crappy day.

the end.
Sincerely Yours

[06 Oct 2005|03:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Its Thursday but it felt like Monday since we had no school Tuesday & Wednesday although the day went by quit fast. I think this year is going to just go by that fast and that kind of sucks because I'm actually enjoying this year. I had a dream Tuesday night that I moved and had to start at a new school for the rest of my Senior year and I wouldn't stop crying because I wanted to stay in Norwalk and finish at NHS.. I woke up like..wtf? I guess I am kind of scared to graduate and leave high school because as shitty as it can be, its not that bad.
but anyways..

I think I'll start with the weekend.
Friday night I didn't do anything which I don't mind because I got to sleep!! which I def needed.
Saturday I went to the mall with Andrea & Bruce. Andrea bought me stuffs :o) she got me a shot glass that says "I'm trying to graduate with a 4.0 (blood alcohol level)", a little book of different kinds of shots, and a key chain that says "booty way" it was cute. she just handed me a bag from Spencers and I'm like..whats this? and shes like its for you! awwiees. Then we both got this shirt that say s"Brunettes get better grades" haha it was funny. anywhos. After the mall we met up with Annette, Kim, Christine & Nick at Jordans and we were going to eat but decided to go to the football game at the school first. So we saw the game and then went back to Jordans and ate. Don't really want to get into what happened the rest of the night. I'd rather not go there. Lets just say I went back to Andreas and just knocked out around 12 after some stupid shit happened.
annyywayys. Sunday I chilled with Andrea for alittle and then came home. who knows if I did anything else. I can't remember.
Monday there was school. and then there was a volleyball game. no JV though so I was happy. Around 7 Annette and I went to Outback with some of the girls from the team. Celebrated Rhea's birthday. shes madd funny. They sang happy birthday to her haha. After some of us went to Cold Stone and then we all just went home.
Tuesday Annette picked me up around 9:45 and we went to the school cause she had practice and I had to take pictures. So I waited for Kim to get there and we went to the soccer practice. I had to take action shots and hopefully they came out good. They had to do stars which was hilarious so I hope those pictures came out good. Left there and went hommeee. Chilled with Andrea for alittle. Got some lunch and stuffs. Kim came over around 8ish and we chillaxed. Went to D&D and got some cooffeess. Andrea came over after she got outta work. We took a trip to Stop n Shop at like 12 lol got some ice creeeamm. mmm. haha we just chilled and ate the ice cream. fun times.
Wednesday I went shoppiinngg. woo! I got some new clothes :o) quite happy about thatt
It's friday tomorrroowww. and it's gonna be a 3 day weekend. niiice.

alright. I'm madd tired. peace outt.


Sincerely Yours

[29 Sep 2005|09:51pm]
too lazy to write an actual entry. so i'll just write the highlights of the past week.

+Monday was my Andreas 18th birthday! woot woot! I chilled with her after school. I HEART YOU ANDIE! :o)
+i'm the volleyball team manager! bitches.
+we won against central yesterday. woot
+after the game I went to Katies(annettes sister) with Annette & her mom for dinner. that food was maddd good!
+stopped at the soccer game after Katies and I did my photography assignment..before he even assigned it! :oD
+I seriously rock in algebra. haha i got a 98 & 103 on the first two quizzes. go me!
+school is goin good so far. niiice.
+Christine & I are the best. yeeahh! :oP
+Pasta party at Bs house tonight was sweet. those girls are crazy.
-i'm overly tired.

I have nothing else to say at this moment in time.

Sincerely Yours

Nothing can stop me now. [25 Sep 2005|01:27pm]
[ mood | content ]

Lovely lovely week. This weekend was pretty sweet. Friday I stayed at the school for Annette's volleyball game. I walked back and forth from her game and Christines swim meet. V-ball lost and the swimteam won. During the game Christina called me and her and Manda stopped by the school so I could check out Mandas new car. it is fuckin siick! its a madd nice car. She took me for a ride in it too. its quick. but yeah its a really nice car. We all talked for alittle and then they had to go. I watched the rest of the game and then went to Annettes after. We chilled for alittle and then she got ready and we went out for some foodums. Got some pizza and came back to my house to eat. Andrea & Bruce came over with their food too and we all just ate our dinners in my room and chilled. Christine called and so her and Nick came over too. omg!! when i went to go get the door when Christine & Nick came and i fell half way down the stairs! omg it was hilarious! Annette opens the door and Christine & Nick are dyin cause they saw me through the window and then didnt see me and just heard me fall. omgg ahahaha. anyways. so we all just chillaxed in my room. funny shit. they brokemy lamp! you fuckers lol everyone left at like 11. and i just knocked out. i was soo tired.

Yesterday I actually woke up at a decent time! i got up at like 9! go me!! lol. I Chilled with Christine for alittle. We went to Sports Authority and then went and got some lunch and brought some for Nick cause he was working. by the time we were done eating my aunt was at my house and she dropped me off and i went up to Stratford with my aunt and little cousins. We went go-karting. it was cool. oh man the guy that works there was hottt. haha. Came home.. blah blah. Annette came over after her psats and stayed for dinner. played some connect 4. haha my sister bought it and is like obsessed with it loli kicked ass! lmao. Annette and I chilled the rest of the night. driving around. got our pics developed and went to Cold Stone for some ice creeamm. fun times. Watched the end of The Truman Show with my mom and then we went to her house cause I was sleepin over. good times good times. me and her are just crazy together. lmao. yeah its all a "you had to be there" kinda night. but i had fun.

I really need to finish reading Fahrenheit 451 cause i needa have it read by Tuesday. blahh. I have I think more than half the book to finish. oops. oh well, I can do it.

okii soo my internet just went down because my dad is messing around with the wires. supposedly hes putting up new ones. lovely! anywhos.

I need to get Andreas birthday presenttt ahhh! that bitch is at the Renaissance Faire right now! grrr. so jealous

ahh. life is great.


1 Signed, Sincerely Yours

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