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Ah. Life is good. Mmmm yupp.
this week went by mighty fast with volleyball games and coming home early.
I made my mom pick me up from school at like 12 the other day cause I wasn't feeling well. I ended up sleeping the rest of the afternoon and woke up with a huuuge headache. I had one before I slept but I just woke up with it even worse. lovely!
anywhos. Had an away game Wednesday night. fun stuff.
Hung out with my kimmers yesterday after school. always fun there. i heart her. then Andrea came over and then we just went to her house and met up with Greg and we just chilled. Walked around norwack cause were that cool. twas fun though if I do say so myself.
Today was a good day. Friday so yeah! woot. anywhos. um yeah I got 100 on my astronomy test! go me! :o) Math was madd fun. we got to work in groups so I was workin with Nick and his cousin Mark. not that we really did work. They were doing Arnold impressions and they were hilarious. 4th was mad funn too. Christine and I are crazy. It was Senior Night for volleyball and they announced me with the girls :o) it was cool. After the varsity game I left with Christine and Nick and we went to Christine and she got ready, came to my house and I got ready and we went and picked up Greg and we went to go see Doom. crazyyy movie yo! haha it was funny too. After the movie we got some Taco Bell and went to Gregs to eat it and we just chillaxed there for awhile. and that twas my night. I had fun woot.
Tomorrow.. Lake Compounce (hopefully!) cant waiitt. if we dont go though we're still gonna have fun cause we always do! woot woot. yeah im like delerious or whatever haha.
alrighty im out before i start goin on about nothing.
so yeah i shall go finish watching XMen2 cause this movie rocks. mhmmm

ps.no im not ok. hahahahaha

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