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Nothing can stop me now.

Lovely lovely week. This weekend was pretty sweet. Friday I stayed at the school for Annette's volleyball game. I walked back and forth from her game and Christines swim meet. V-ball lost and the swimteam won. During the game Christina called me and her and Manda stopped by the school so I could check out Mandas new car. it is fuckin siick! its a madd nice car. She took me for a ride in it too. its quick. but yeah its a really nice car. We all talked for alittle and then they had to go. I watched the rest of the game and then went to Annettes after. We chilled for alittle and then she got ready and we went out for some foodums. Got some pizza and came back to my house to eat. Andrea & Bruce came over with their food too and we all just ate our dinners in my room and chilled. Christine called and so her and Nick came over too. omg!! when i went to go get the door when Christine & Nick came and i fell half way down the stairs! omg it was hilarious! Annette opens the door and Christine & Nick are dyin cause they saw me through the window and then didnt see me and just heard me fall. omgg ahahaha. anyways. so we all just chillaxed in my room. funny shit. they brokemy lamp! you fuckers lol everyone left at like 11. and i just knocked out. i was soo tired.

Yesterday I actually woke up at a decent time! i got up at like 9! go me!! lol. I Chilled with Christine for alittle. We went to Sports Authority and then went and got some lunch and brought some for Nick cause he was working. by the time we were done eating my aunt was at my house and she dropped me off and i went up to Stratford with my aunt and little cousins. We went go-karting. it was cool. oh man the guy that works there was hottt. haha. Came home.. blah blah. Annette came over after her psats and stayed for dinner. played some connect 4. haha my sister bought it and is like obsessed with it loli kicked ass! lmao. Annette and I chilled the rest of the night. driving around. got our pics developed and went to Cold Stone for some ice creeamm. fun times. Watched the end of The Truman Show with my mom and then we went to her house cause I was sleepin over. good times good times. me and her are just crazy together. lmao. yeah its all a "you had to be there" kinda night. but i had fun.

I really need to finish reading Fahrenheit 451 cause i needa have it read by Tuesday. blahh. I have I think more than half the book to finish. oops. oh well, I can do it.

okii soo my internet just went down because my dad is messing around with the wires. supposedly hes putting up new ones. lovely! anywhos.

I need to get Andreas birthday presenttt ahhh! that bitch is at the Renaissance Faire right now! grrr. so jealous

ahh. life is great.

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