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um yup

so it's been one hectic week. mmm yup.
There was no school Thursday, so Wednesday night I chilled with Christine, Nick & Annette. We had some pizza at Christines then went to the movies.
Thursday I didn't do much til around 4ish when Annette picked me up to go to her house for the volleyball pasta party. it was alright. I ended up sleeping over.
School friday of course. I actually had a very good day Friday. :o) Christine & I were madd hyper 4th prd. we were just laughing our asses off at everything lol. After school there was a volleyball game. it was the most intense game I've watched. I was even starting to get pissed at the refs lol. but anyways. I went to Christines after and chilled with her, her sister and Nick. then we went to the soccer game for awhile. After the game we decided to go to my aunts and chill in the hot tub so we picked up Nicks friend Greg and we went there. that was fun. We left there at like 11 and Nick dropped me off at Dans and I chilled with him and Mike. just drove around and met up with Abby(?) i dno. it was kinda boring but whatever. I got to see my Danny boy. aww he dedicated a song to meee it made me smile. i heart him.
anyways. Yesterday was a fairly good day. Had a meeting at Gibbs. its nice there. umms. Went to my aunts for Matts birthday. Christine and Nick came to rescue me but we ended up stayin at my aunts cause it was quite entertaining. and so that was that night.
Today was spent up at Southern with my sister, Andrea, Jess, my mom, Carlo and my brother. there was an open house so we had a lovely tour of the campus and all that fun stuff. I wanted to meet up with Christine & Nick there but that didnt get to happen. oh well. When we got home Andrea & I knocked out for awhile. rest of the night I just chilled. watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Its cute but I didnt get to finish it. oh wells.

I'm in a really weird mood again. Just alittle too much on my mind right now and it's just agrevating. sigh.. I hate that.

whatever.. im out.

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