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baby im back!

Havent updated in madd longg. soo much going on. cant even remember what happened after I last updated so whatever.
This week has been spirit week and boy i have wayy too much school spirit this year. its just alotta fun. lets see:
Monday-Halloween! :o) dressed up as a queen. hehe. that night I went out trick or treating like a lil kid lol with Annette, Kim, Andi, Christine, Nick & Bruce. fun times.
Tuesday- PJ day. then I went to Christines FCIAC trials or whatever in greenwhich. big mistake. spent some of the time outside on the phone talkin to Greg.
Wednesday-Diversity Day where you just represent your heritage. duh. repped the D.R of course with my dr shirt, necklace and bandana. and drew the Irish, Polish, Sweedish & German flags on my hand cause I didnt get to decorate my jeans with them. After school I stayed after and helped decorate A-House. We were there til 8pm decorating that entire hall. It looked madd good. It was alotta fun too. Ordered pizza, played music and just decorated all night. it was alotta fun. Im so proud of the little bear I painted. its the cutest thing! omg. our theme was the football field so we made the floor look like the field, and the door frames were the goal posts, Leni & I made little bleachers for the little bears to put in the glass case, and we had big wooden cut out bears around the hall, madd balloons, decorated the windows omggg i loved it.
Today- half day. had first period and then had the Pep Rally. I was in it with the vball team. I thought it was alotta fun. madd school spirit haha. painted a paw print and NHS on my face and everything :oP we only had 3rd, 4th & 5th prd after. easy classes cause its just algebra (we did nothing), PAL, and English (listened to presentations). After school Annette, Amanda, Christine, Nick and I decorated Nets, Christines & Mandas car. it was soo much fun. Net and I found Meek and he drew the bear on her back window. it looks hottt. haha we were soo hyper. Hung out with Annette and Manda after. we went out for lunch and then chilled at Nets. Christine & Nick came over and we played some basketball. fun shit.

this week has just been awesome. Senior year fuckin rocks. kinda makes me sad to think this is my last year for all this..::tear:: but im glad im makin it all worthwhile. havin good times with my crazy class.
Tomorrow is the homecoming football game. will most likely be going to that.

ah. life is fucking great.

im outt.

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