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Last One.

Well it's been quite awhile since I've written in here. Oh well. A lot of shit has happened but there's no need to write cause if you're friends with me then you already know everything thats gone down. This will probably be my last entry in here but I'm just writin one last one cause Mark keeps tellin me that I don't update so here ya go Mark!
Right now I'm on Spring Break and it's been fuckin hotttt! I'm loving itt =o) lets see.. basically I've been chillen with Amanda U, Kev, my cousin Amanda, Abs, Annette, Christine, Nick, Mike, Em, Sam & Hayro. not all at once. well the last 7 was all at once but yeah. you get the ideeaaa. Its wednesday so that means my spring break is pretty much half way over. but its straight. tonight is gonna be good cause One Tree Hill & The Bedford Diaries are on and Amanda U & Kev always come over to watch that with me. and tonight Abs might be stoppin by too! and sat is my uncles bday partyy. hott. that means after party. even hotterr. aha! woorddd.
hmm perhaps I'll write alil bout my most interesting night.. which would be friday night(or early sat mornin lol) my cousin Amanda came down and we went out for dinner at Wendys lol. Rob met us there. We got our own lil private concert from these 3 wilton boys. hilarious. thenn we went to kohls parkin lot where Amanda met up with Jaime & others but I just chilled in the car with Rob listenin to music. uhh Rob left and Amanda & I met up with Annette & Andrea at Dunkin Donuts. Chilled there for awhile. Annette went home so I called up Abs and we went and picked him up. Drove around for awhile then Andrea wanted to go to this kid Justins house. Amanda, Abs & I just kinda sat there laughin randomly. pretty funny. Andrea went home and Amanda picked up her car from Andreas and me her and abs ended up at Dunkin Donuts again just chillen bein stupid til 330am. it was a lot of fun tho. def a you had to be there kinda night.

oh yeah. Sunday was Easter! I went to my grandmas for lunch/dinner. whatever you wanna call it. Verry good food tho. After foodums I just chilled with my sister, Carlo, Amanda & Nicole. interesting conversations I must say. Carlo always manages to come up with the weirdest questions. oh yeah, before we ate, the little ones had their easter egg hunt. they are just too cute. I love those kids. but anywhos. nothing too exciting went on at the grandmas house. I ended up just leaving cause I didn't feel like stayin there doin nothing. So I came home & Amanda U and Kev saved me. We basically drove around for awhile. quite funny the way Kev was talkin and such. uhhm. we picked up some fried chicken & fruit punch and went to get RJ & Jack (?) idk I guess they wanted some food lol. not sure how much they actually ate tho cause they threw some out the window & Kev def slapped me in the face with a chicken leg lmao. buutt anywhos. Amanda called me a different name each time she'd talk to me which was kinda funny. mm yup. we ended up at Ponus so the boys could skate. Amanda and I just threw around the football for abit then just watched them skate & we talked. had a hilarious "girl talk" with Kev. that kid is just too funny. We left there and just drove around aimlessly. I came home at like 12ish and prob just knocked out.

alright well I don't feel like writing about any other nights cause theyre all pretty much "you had to be there" kind of nights. yeah get over it.

2 months til my 18th bday and graduation! fuckin right doggie! I can't wait to get the fuck outta high school.
then in July I'm finally goin to the Dominican Republic after 30924802 years lol. Annette is comin with me so this summer is gonna be hott. Can't waittt.

oki well I'm tired of writing so this is it for me. sorry it was nothing too interesting or anything. oh well

comment tho if you actually read it just so I know if anyone bothers with my lj anymore. kthnx

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